Day 13


The vacation is over. Time to return to real life. Sort of. I'm all alone, travelling back to Georgia. I'm super excited to see the puppies but NOT super excited to see what the house looks like.

In the past, my anxiety would have been off the charts. But pulling into the drive way, I wanted to fall to my knees and thank Heavenly Father for getting me safely home. I honestly just started to clean up the mess and didn't really care about it. It didn't upset me. 

When my husband called, he wanted to know everything that was wrong, but the thing was, I didn't really see anything wrong. Just stuff to do. It was all ok. Nobody was dead, though the turtle had escaped. Nothing was broken, even if it was, it's only stuff. 

I spent time hanging out with the puppies, not being upset. It was nice. I went to bed and slept peacefully. 

How weird is that? My house and the mess it is, is usually my biggest headaches. I was just so thankful. Thankful for dishes, even if they were dirty. Thankful for food and puppies. They didn't mind the leftovers we had forgotten about. 

I did spend some time on my knees being thankful.